USTA League

  • What is USTA League Tennis?
  • How do I join a CTC USTA League Team?

What is USTA League Tennis?

USTA League

The USTA League Tennis is the country’s largest recreational tennis league, providing organized, structured team matches for more than 300,000 men and women of all ability levels. In Northern California, tennis is an integral part of life in Northern California, and teams can be found on courts in the Bay Area and Sacramento, Santa Clara to Marin to Mendocino Counties, as far north as Redding and as far south as Fresno. Teams are set up according to NTRP rating, so you’re always sure that you’ll be facing off against someone of comparable ability. That keeps the competition lively and the atmosphere social. Read more at USTA NorCal website.

How do I join a CTC USTA League Tennis team?

  • Decide the level you wish to play (i.e. 2.5, 3.0 etc.). Your current USTA rating will help you decide. Determine your rating, if you do not have one, by using the USTA NorCal NTRP Self Rating Guidelines.
  • Contact the captain of the Cupertino team you wish to play on and find out if the team needs players.
  • Please note you have to be an annual Cupertino Sports Center member, an annual USTA member and Cupertino Tennis Club Member to play tennis on a Club-sponsored USTA team at the Sports Center.
  • If you still have a question please email

To learn more about the club or get more involved by being a member, contact us .