CTC Board

Cupertino Tennis club board meetings are held from January through November by a remote video meeting. All CTC members are welcome to attend. Please contact President@cupertinotennisclub.org for information on future board meetings.

Email Notes
Board@CupertinoTennisClub.org To contact the CTC board of directors.
Office Email Person
President President@CupertinoTennisClub.org Dave Babicz
Vice President V-P@CupertinoTennisClub.org Kumar Kandaswamy
Communications communications@CupertinoTennisClub.org Cindy Jeung
Secretary Secretary@CupertinoTennisClub.org Tak Young
Membership Membership@CupertinoTennisClub.org Sharada Labadie
Tournaments Tournaments@CupertinoTennisClub.org N-A
Men’s, Women’s, Mixed USTA Usta@CupertinoTennisClub.org Ravi Shankar
Social Director Social@CupertinoTennisClub.org LeeSee Loh
Women’s Interclub WomensInterclub@CupertinoTennisClub.org Cindy Jeung
Webmaster Webmaster@CupertinoTennisClub.org Oxana Gorbacheva and Mike Wilkens
Community Liaison Community-Liaison@CupertinoTennisClub.org Jeff Labadie
Cupertino Sports Center CSC-REP@CupertinoTennisClub.org Colleen Ferris
Treasurer Bin Wan

Contact any board member if you are interested in filling an open position, or if you have questions regarding a position for next year on the board.