CTC Board

Cupertino Tennis club board meetings are held from January through November at the Cupertino Sports Center. Check the Club Calendar for the next board meeting. All CTC members are welcome to attend.

Email Notes
Board@CupertinoTennisClub.org To contact the CTC board of directors.
Office Email Person
President President@CupertinoTennisClub.org Cindy Jeung
Vice President V-P@CupertinoTennisClub.org Irene Nishimoto
Secretary Secretary@CupertinoTennisClub.org Tak Young
Treasurer Treasurer@CupertinoTennisClub.org Dave Babicz
Membership Membership@CupertinoTennisClub.org John Sperinde
Tournaments Tournaments@CupertinoTennisClub.org N-A
Men’s, Women’s, Mixed USTA Usta@CupertinoTennisClub.org Jeff Labadie
Socials Social@CupertinoTennisClub.org Analiza Dolor
Women’s Interclub WomensInterclub@CupertinoTennisClub.org Grace Haig
Webmaster Webmaster@CupertinoTennisClub.org Oxana Gorbacheva and Mike Wilkens
Community Liaison Community-Liaison@CupertinoTennisClub.org Ravi Kumar
Cupertino Sports Center CSC-REP@CupertinoTennisClub.org Colleen Ferris

Contact any board member if you are interested in filling an open position, or if you have questions regarding a position for next year on the board.