Frequently Asked Questions about the new League Interest Sign-up Process!

  • CTC versus CSC. What is the difference?

    There is occasional confusion about the two entities – the Cupertino Sports Center (CSC) and the Cupertino Tennis Club (CTC). Why are there two and why you should join both if you play tennis.

    Like other cities, Cupertino provides recreational facilities for its residents. The Sports Center is one such facility and although tennis courts are a big part, it is not just about tennis. There is also the Teen Center, handball, racquetball, table tennis, workout equipment, classes, etc. The CSC is the facility and the city allows the Club to use the facility for USTA matches and other Club activities that promote tennis in the community.

    The Cupertino Tennis Club organizes club activities, interclubs and teams that participate in USTA Leagues. The club is run by a board of directors and has a constitution and bylaws.

    In summary, if you want to play tennis at the CSC you must be a Sports Center passholder. If you want to participate in CTC activities you must be a member of the Tennis Club. And if you want to play tennis on a Club-sponsored USTA team at the Sports Center you must belong to the CTC and also be an annual passholder of the CSC. The annual CSC membership is a requirement from the city of Cupertino.

  • Why do we suddenly have to do this?

    The recent growth in club membership and number of league teams is approaching the limit of court availability during some league seasons. This “suddenly” came to our attention when 22 captains registered teams for the 2009 Adult season. The lighting upgrade is also reducing the number of courts at this time.

  • Some of the links on the page said that the sign-up period was not open yet. How will we know when to do it?

    Each league will have its own form and period in which to use it. Each sign-up period will be announced by email and on the website.

  • I wanted to do the whole year and get it out of the way. Why can’t I do that?

    To do the best job of scheduling, we need the most up-to-date information possible. Lots of things can happen during a year: Vacation plans can change, jobs can change, injuries happen (suddenly), ratings get changed, personal interests can change, etc.

  • What if I am on an extended business trip during the sign-up period? Can there be an exception is such cases?

    Of course! The process is not meant to exclude anyone, but your question highlights the reason why everyone needs to use the form: A small number of people can be added to teams if necessary, but if a lot of people ignore the process, it could lead to there not being enough teams registered for everyone to play on a team of reasonable size.

  • Does this mean you are going to assign players arbitrarily to teams?

    Oh, no. That would only happen in the small number of cases where a new member wanted to play but didn’t know anyone.
    The intent is to determine how many teams we need to support the level of interest expressed by the members. Some captains know they already have full rosters before the season starts, and others are looking to fill open spots. Hopefully, we can get the uncommitted players in touch with the captains who need people. Or we can form new teams of players who are not committed to a particular team.

  • Does this mean that you plan to limit the number of teams a member can play on, even if several captains want that member and the member wants to play?

    Not necessarily. We really have no way to keep players from registering on teams once the team has been registered, but we do feel obligated to help find spots for all of our members to play somewhere.

  • Does this mean that you may have a cut off for the number of teams, even if you have captains who want to captain and players who want to play for them?

    That is a possibility. The city effectively limits the number of teams we can field for USTA by some of their policies. The growth in membership puts us in jeopardy of exceeding those limits. These procedures are intended to maximize the number of members who get an opportunity to play USTA while not exceeding the court usage capacity.

  • I’m confused by “level” on the form. I’m a 4.0, but the only “levels” available are 6.0 and higher.

    The “level” on the form refers to the League combined level of play for each doubles partnership. For example, players in the 7.0 league can combine as two 3.5 players, or a 3.0 player and a 4.0 player. (All of the Norcal leagues are “combined” leagues except Adult, Senior, and Super Senior 65.)

To ask a question or voice a concern, please email the club USTA Coordinator.