Interested in playing on a USTA league team?

Please use the green buttons (below) to declare your intent to play in your intended league(s).

You may declare your intent to play on either one or two teams per league.

There are three team types at CTC:

  • Competitive – This team strives to win the league, and will predominantly play only the best players.
  • Recreational – This team is composed of players who are not at the top of their level, but still enjoy good competition.
    This team might also be composed of a group of friends who just enjoy playing with each other.
  • Developmental – This team is composed mostly of players who are “playing up” at a level above their rating.

You have to be a registered member on this website in order to Declare Intent to play USTA.

(These buttons will turn green while the Declaration period is open.)

Adult 18+ league

Adult 65 league

Adult 70 league

Women Daytime Combo

Women Daytime Adult 18

Mixed 40 & Combo

Adult 18-39 Singles

Adult 18-39 Doubles

Check below to see your name, and everyone else who has signed up.

If you have questions about the teams or the league, or if you later find that you need to drop one (or both) teams, please send an email to the CTC USTA coordinator.